1. On joining Sister Sheds the member accepts and agrees to be bound by these conditions of membership. Members and Guests must also adhere to the Codes of Conduct within any of the operating Sister Sheds.

2. Payment of the annual membership will entitle the member to membership of Sister Shed locations Membership fee is an annual payment of €42.50

3. It is required that all new members visit their preferred Sister Shed before taking up membership.

4. When a new member decides to sign up to membership the must inform the Committee of their preferred Sister Shed inform a member of the Sister Shed Committee that they will be joining the Sister Shed.

5. In the event of the annual membership fee not being renewed within the day of its expiry, it is deemed to have expired, and it will be necessary for the member to re-apply for membership.

6. Membership may be terminated by the management for violation of any rules or regulations of the Sister Shed or for conduct deemed by the management to be detrimental to the welfare, good order, safety or character of the Sister Shed members/volunteers/facilitators and staff.

7. Membership is not transferable and membership fees are not refundable under any circumstance. If a member allows use of their card in any event to another person, the membership will be cancelled immediately.

8. Sister Shed CLG or the premises where any given Sister Shed is housed is not responsible for the loss of personal items or damage to personal property either on the premises or in the car park.

9. It is up to the members as a group to ensure that all facilities and equipment are maintained in a clean manner and that the premises is left as you find it.

10. In the event of any dispute arising between a member and Sister Shed team the decision of management will be final.

11. In the event of any dispute arising between a member and another member resulting in verbal abuse or psychical abuse the Sister Shed Management will follow a procedure to try and resolve and clarify the dispute where possible. Procedures may be as follows:

· Request grievance in writing from both parties – where both members will have the opportunity to see each written complaint. At this point each member can decide if they would like to make it an official complaint where as the Managing Committee of the Sister Shed CLG will make the final decision on both members which could result in membership termination for one or both members. The Committee decision is final.

· Where applicable Sister Shed CLG may be in a position to offer mediation between both members.

12. The management of Sister Sheds reserves the right to amend and add to these conditions of membership and rules as it sees fit and the member shall observe any amended or additional conditions or rules so made. Any changes to these conditions will always be displayed on our website.

13. Membership applications and admissions will be reviewed there upon application and annually. Sister Sheds reserves the right to increase membership or admissions as required. Members, patrons and their guests must treat the group, its members and staff/volunteers and facilitators with courtesy and respect at all times.

Sister Shed DO NOT tolerate verbal or psychical abusive behaviour in any way shape or form

14. If you do not register or confirm your space on any event hosted by Sister Shed that may be held throughout the year the onus is on the member and may be refused entry should the member decide to turn up for the event.

15. All personal data provided by you on Membership Application Form are collected, processed and retained by Sister Shed for administration purposes connected with your membership of Sister Sheds except in exceptional circumstances, for example if you suffer an injury or experience a medical difficulty on or in the vicinity of a Sister Shed group or outing.

16. In order to join as an individual member, person’s must be 18 years.

17. In the event of an emergency closure, due to an act of God, pandemic, or group dispute that may be putting members in harm or grievance where Sister Sheds Management determine it necessary for the safety of members, all or part of the facilities may close at short.

18. In the event that a member or part of a group do not follow the constitution of the individual Sister Shed this can lead to membership termination. The Management decision is final.

19. Each application form submitted to the CLG for new membership will be reviewed and processed, management have the right to refuse application where there may be good reason to do so.