Heal Your Body, Heal Your Soul

Sister Sheds like to promote wellness as much as possible. Let’s face it, wellness plays a massive role in our lives, and it’s most definitely the most important part of living. There’s a saying, “Your health is your wealth” and that’s one we believe in.

We’re always looking at ways to implement wellness in the Sister Sheds while making it interesting, knowledgeable and of course fun!

We came up with a 5-week program called ‘Heal Your Body, Heal Your Soul’. This program runs outdoors in the Summer, where members and visitors have the opportunity to take part in a 1-hour practice of light fitness or yoga. We managed to do this side-by-side giving you the choice to choose on the day.

Further wellness activities include:

  • Talks on Menopause and how we can recognise certain symptoms, including how we reduce the effects it has on many women.
  • Quite smoking and healthy eating made easy programs that run from time-to-time.

We’re connected with many facilitators, who are qualified nutritionists, invited as speakers to the Sister Sheds.