Mental Health

Mental Health comes in all shapes and sizes. It can also strike at any time due to life experience.

We at Sister Sheds are fully aware of the ripple effect these issues can cause, not just for the individual, but also family and friends. Why? Because they care.

We like to think that even if you’re not suffering from Mental Health, it’s great to carry invisible tools that can help, should you be affected by emotions that lead to mental health and suffering.

We never want you to suffer in silence… there’s always someone to listen.

Gerry, our Mental Health warrior, has done amazing work through the Sister Sheds bringing the Wellness Recovery Action Plan to our members. It’s a great course that gives to that plan of action should you, or family member, be suffering. It provides you with invisible tools to help yourself and keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Always remember ITS OK TO NOT BE OK! and ITS ALSO OK TO BE OK.