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Sister Sheds supports women of all ages and backgrounds in communities across Ireland. Our mission is to champion women to thrive in their personal development and wellbeing.


“I joined the Artane Sister Sheds when it first started! I felt it was a great way of bringing women together for so many reasons women of all ages had somewhere to go to talk, interact and just be themselves without any judgement. There have been so many positives to me joining, making new friends, all the different courses and sometimes just having a chat is all a lot of us need. Rachael and Sherin have worked tirelessly to get it off the ground! Both just ordinary working mothers they are to be admired. They deserve every bit of recognition for all their hard work and have made a huge impact in all our lives. So thank you to both of them for all their hard work.”

“I am very proud to be a part of this amazing journey that is Sister Sheds. Once a week every week I look forward to meeting up with like minded woman. All on our our journey. We all have a story and like everyone we have good days and bad days, but no matter what kind of day your having there will be someone to celebrate the good with you, or just listen when you want to off load, wipe your tears when you break, and call you to check on you if you have not to the shed… its women supporting women, empowering each other.

I can honestly say I look in the mirror now and I hardly recognise the woman looking back at me. You see 18 months ago when I joined Sister Sheds it was a different story altogether. I was still grieving the loss of my mother; I had not been allowed to go out during Covid due to a compromised health issues and I just fell away from life and people. Then restrictions lifted – we could all live a normal life again. I remember getting to the front door and feeling so overwhelmed I just couldn’t go out, it took a long time to even start to go the shops… then a lifeline!! Sister Sheds, I heard about it on Facebook and asked my neighbour to join with me. Walking into the room that day was the best decision I ever made. I walked into a room of strangers and ended up with many sisters. We had courses and meditations, we have done knitting, mosaics and jewellery making, had a sale of work, and days out. We have facilitators who come and teach us many different things, and you can join in or just and have a cuppa and a chat few biscuits too. 

I never realised how much Sister Sheds was going to change me, how much I was going to learn, and how much I would come to love it. I know I speak for many women when I say that its more than a Sister Shed, it really is a life line, and all set up by two amazing young ladies, Rachel and Sherin Hughes. Theses lovely ladies will never know the way they have changed peoples lives and been the life line they needed. Every woman needs a Sister Shed. Thank you Rachel and Sherin.”

“My interest was piqued when I seen the advertisement for start up of sister shed in Kilnamanagh. I am living in the estate for over 40 years and rarely had the time to join any group as I was working. I am loving the group. Such a lovely lively bunch. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly. I look forward to our Thursday night get togethers. It is so important to have this outlet and long may it continue. Sisters are doing it for themselves.”

In July 2022 I went along to the newly set up Walkinstown sister shed a little apprehensive entering a room full of strangers but there was no need.  I was greeted with a room full of the friendliest most welcoming women and on the first night not really knowing what to expect, I left feeling a warmth of kindness and a sense of excitement of what was planned. I was put forward as secretary.  Our newly formed committee started winging it and really enjoyed the natural progression of new friendships into a fabulous group of friends. One of the first events planned was the flash mob in the square with sisters from some of the other sheds. All fabulous ladies and it was one of the highlights so far. We have enjoyed so many fabulous courses from mindfulness and self care to laughter yoga, mosaic, and wax melts. To name a but a few. 

We had a Table quiz to raise funding for courses and fantastic Christmas nights out. The social calendar is always full with lots of musical nights out. From weekends away to Saturday morning strolls. The sisters are so supportive of each and everyone one in the group. Sisters supporting sisters. Women building each other up.

I thank Sherin and Rachel for having an idea and reconnecting sisters in communities and I will be forever grateful for bringing us all together. Forever grateful.”

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