Sister Sheds Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG) is a registered charity with the Charities Regulatory Authority in Ireland. Sister Sheds actively seeks to implement best practice in relation to governance.

Sister Sheds is committed to achieving a high standard of corporate governance, to this end, we have started on the journey towards adopting the Charities Governance Code and expect that 2024 will be a year of learning and preparation for the organisation. This process will involve the organisation reviewing its processes, policies, procedures and values to ensure that the Sister Sheds is operating at a standard that meets the its own high standards and the standards of the Charity Regulator.

Company Structure:

Sister Sheds CLG
CRO Number (CRO): 717159
Charity Number (CHY): 20206613

Annual Reports

Sister Sheds is independently audited. You can find a full list of our annual reviews and financial statements below.

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